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The Devonport Chamber

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The Catlett Chamber

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The Birkenhead Chamber

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What Visitors Have to Say

  • Great place for any night especially the breakfast! Thank you very much.

    Walter & Linda from MD – November 2016
  • Thank you for the wonderful stay – everything is lovely and breakfast was delicious! We will definitely recommend!

    Debbie & Bob from MD – October 2015
  • Thank you for creating this beautiful environment and providing wonderful hospitality. We will be back!

    Paul & Wendy from MD – August 2016
  • Thank you for your hospitality & delicious breakfast. We’ll see you again.

    Scott & Jennifer from NJ – October 2015
  • It’s our 10th anniversary and we are so happy to be here! Beautiful! Thanks for a wonderful stay.

    David & Della Marie Aslin – March 2017
  • We love your B&B! Thank you for a wonderful experience (Our first B&B) & making this home a perfect destination for cityfolk like us!

    Adam & Lynne – July 2017
  • Thank you so much for making us feel so at home here during our stay. Your breakfasts were delicious, and every day brought a unique entrée for the entire week. We appreciated all of your suggestions for things to do in the area but barely scratched the surface, so we will be back!

    Cindy & Bill Bohan from CT – June 2017
  • A lovely place! Thank you for a great breakfast!

    Katy & Joe – May 2015
  • The best BMP we’ve ever visited! You are such gracious hosts. We will be telling our friends!

    Simon & Juliana from WA – June 2017
  • We have enjoyed every moment of our stay at beautiful, comfortable Berkeley House. Our room was just right: comfy bed, hot water, responsive AC and heat, and a wonderful feeling of privacy and comfort. We’ll be back!

    Kathy & Bob Knowles – April 2017
  • What a lovely home you have done. A magnificent job in the renovations. We are sure you will have lots of guests and returning guests. You are gracious hosts. We will definitely return!

    Sally & Glenn Pittman – June 2015
  • Thank you for a spectacular weekend in the Woodrow Wilson Suite!

    Elizabeth from NC – October 2016
  • We so enjoyed our stay! Everything was perfect. Thank you for opening your creation to us!

    The Hoyles from North Carolina – April 2015
  • Thank you for such an enriching experience. From the interesting conversation to fantastic surroundings to the most delicious breakfast. We think you’ve nailed the whole B&B thing!

    Deb & Rick from NY – April 2017
  • Lovely stay with you – very nice accommodation, wonderful breakfast!

    Pat & Eric Edgerton from NC – May 2017
  • We enjoyed our stay and “yummy” breakfast! Thank you for your hospitality. Your renovations and furnishings are exceptional! You should be proud of your grand home!

    Paul & Patti Sandler from PA – August 2015
  • Thank you for your warm (and dry) hospitality. We thoroughly enjoyed your lovely house, wonderful conversation, and yummy breakfast!

    Rick & Kerie Arrowood from IA – July 2016
  • We wish we had more time to spend here. Lovely, relaxing . . . Loved it!!

    Bob & Caryl Browner from NC – July 2016
  • The perfect place along our brewery tour! We can’t wait to visit again!

    Jeff & Jamie Zoellner – May 2015
  • Thank you for the lovely Woodrow Wilson Suite and the breakfasts were “yummy”!

    Diane & Taylor Vanderame from MA – May 2016