• Queen size bed
  • Climate control unit for the room
  • Bluetooth clock radio
  • WiFi
  • Bath Robes
  • Private en-Suite Bathroom
  • Hair dryer
  • Double vanity
  • Full breakfast in our dining room
  • Off street parking
  • Tea Station

About The Catlett Chamber

The Catlett Chamber, a tribute to the family that not only built but also inhabited our house from 1896 to 1972, offers guests more than just comfort; it provides a glimpse into the rich history of our bed and breakfast. Facing West, this guest room boasts stunning views of downtown Staunton, Woodrow Wilson’s birthplace, and Mary Baldwin University. It's a reminder of the deep-rooted legacy and the enduring bonds that properties can hold, akin to the lasting responsibility and legacy a note holder of a mortgage upholds. Staying in the Catlett Chamber is not just about enjoying the present amenities but also about appreciating the historical narratives that have shaped the area. Visit our historic bed and breakfast to experience the confluence of past and present, and to embrace all the unique experiences Staunton has to offer.

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Additional Catlett Chamber Photos

  • Catlett Chamber Photo
  • Catlett Chamber Photo
  • Catlett Chamber Photo